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Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing techniques.  Regular yoga practice and participation can help improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, calmness and wellbeing.  The fantastic thing about it is that you can practice pretty much anywhere.  All you need are loose fitting comfortable clothes and an exercise mat, although not even that is required if you’re on a comfortable surface.


There are too many benefits to list them all, and they have been pretty well documented over the years, so we’ve just picked out a few to highlight.



This may seem obvious but if you are not a practitioner then you won’t have had the opportunity to see how much it helps.  Take me for example (female in her 40’s), I struggled to even touch my toes in the first session, let along bend my back.  In fact, I even remember saying, as I stared round at all the people seemingly doing it with ease, “it’s clear I just don’t bend!”.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d signed up for 5 sessions, I probably would never have gone back.  However, despite my apparent ineptitude, I started noticing a gradual loosening.  This had the added benefit of reducing the pain in my bad back, which I thought I was stuck with.  So, take it from a ‘non-believer’ and give it a go!



When you are doing your yoga poses you are stretching and contracting muscles, and moving your organs around.  This movement increases lymphatic drainage which in turn helps to dispose of toxic waste products and help you fight infection.



Feeling a bit low?  Try sitting in the Lotus position and rise up into a back bend.  Whilst it isn’t going to wave a magic wand and suddenly resolve all your woes, various studies have shown that regular yoga can help improve depression.  The practice has been shown to significantly increase serotonin levels in the body which helps with mood regulation.



Slowing your breathing as part of your yoga poses aids in getting you to focus on your present.  This shifts the balance from our body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ reflex to the parasympathetic nervous system.  What this means is that it lowers the heart rate, decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow to the intestines and organs.

meet the instructors


Adam teaches, educates and shares the life science of Yoga. His practice has ebbed and flowed throughout the years.  At first his reason for practicing was to build confidence for performing on stage, however then the embodiment of philosophy came into play - and it changed his life. In his yoga classes Adam infuses expressive movement, functional movement and yogic philosophy. 

Adam’s primary teaching style is Vinyasa flow, weaving sequences together that are demanding and strong, slow and considerate, playful and light. He also teaches Gravity Yoga, a supplementary targeted flexibility and mobility training.  It dives into the science of stretching, using relaxation, breathwork and time under passive tension to help unlock tight areas of the body, improve range of motion and fix imbalances.


With Joanne a flowing yoga is practiced, followed by relaxation to leave you feeling tranquil, yet energised for the rest of your day. Ideal for beginners, with modifications for those more experienced, to help all students to work at their own level. The class will help improve flexibility through stretching, fitness through yoga flow, with a focus on the breath and being present, to improve your holistic wellbeing. Mats, blocks and bricks provided, please feel free to bring additional props etc to help support your practice. 

Joanne recommends wearing layers that can be removed as the yoga class warms up, and then added for the relaxation at the end. Please bring water and any props you would like to use for your practice or to make you comfortable for the relaxation. There will be mats, blocks and bricks available for you to use. Cleaning spray will be provided for you to wipe these down after use.


Lucy sees yoga as a safe place to go and reconnect with your inner self.  She aims to bring lightness, brightness and compassion to the world through yoga.

Lucy practices, studies and teaches Vinyasa/Hatha style sequences, encouraging people to a link between the Mind, the Body and the Breath.  The goal is to help you find a little bit of space in an ever-changing and demanding world.

“I am a 200 hour qualified Yoga Teacher, certified by Yoga Campus and accredited by the British Wheel Of Yoga and Yoga Alliance.  I have 100’s of further CPD hours via teacher-training intensives and workshops.  I am ever evolving and progressing in my own personal studies.”

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