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Personal Development

Prepare and Deliver a Confident Interview

From making a good first impression to delivering clear and concise answers, many of us find job interviews daunting or even nerve-wracking.  Our Interview Skills training will help you prepare and deliver a confident interview, giving you the best chance to succeed in landing that dream job.

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We specialise in:-


Promotion workshops


Potential police recruits




General mindset and coaching 

Promotion Workshop 

We provide the option for one-on-one coaching or, alternatively, we can accommodate small groups looking to share the cost.


A workshop that quite simply gives candidates the skills and confidence to pass a promotion interview. 


Mindset and how to plan for the process.

Interview techniques (STAR method).

CVF’s and how they fit into the interview process. 

Importance of examples and what makes a good example. 

Body language. 

Practice interviews with personal feedback. 

Questions / round up. 

Additional assistance will also be available via TEAMS after the course.   

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