discipline, fitness & self-confidence

Karate is a way of life; it teaches discipline, increases fitness and promotes self-confidence.  We’re not looking to turn you into the next ‘Karate Kid’, although that most definitely is a possibility.  What we’d like to do is open up the world for you and inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.


We are a family friendly club that teaches the art of Wado-Ryu.  There are sessions for the whole family as well as specific Junior or Senior classes. 


Fun for all the family

Karate doesn’t employ any of the throwing techniques associated with Judo and Aikido so it is a safe an fun activity to practice as a family.

Self Defence 

Feel safer within a year

Unlike many martial arts whereby adequate self defence takes numerous years of training, Karate will enable you and your family to defend yourselves in about a year.  Of course this still takes diligence and training, and there is always more to learn, however it offers a level of peace of mind for all of you.


speed, force and self control

Since it involves tremendous speed and great destructive force, Karate requires special control. Tempering your spiritual control during training helps you manifest power smoothly and naturally in daily life or contest situations.


expand your martial arts skills

For those of you that wish to expand your martial arts skills beyond a lifestyle change, then we can train you and help you advance through competitions.


All of our instructors are expert trainers and are checked and confirmed through the Disclosure & Barring Service (the old CRB).

We offer a range of Junior, Senior and Mixed classes tailored to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your training.

We are fully insured through the FMA, and hold regular sessions regarding Kata, competition fighting and self defence.

The Belts

Well … we couldn’t talk about Karate without mentioning ‘the belts’ could we!  Achievement of rank should be considered as a side effect of Karate training, and not taken as the key goal. The key goal should be personal development and growth at whatever level you reach.

Check out our quick guide:

White BELT

The White belt represents the initial level of karate. It is worn by the students who have just started their study, symbolising an enthusiasm to learn and commit.

Yellow BELT

The Yellow belt is awarded to students that demonstrate they have adopted this learning phase in a productive way. It symbolises the first beam of sunlight that gives new rays and hope every morning, validating that the learner is being successful and trying their best.

Orange BELT

The Orange belt represents that a student has further opened up their mind and has rapidly improving skills.  Just like when the sun’s rays turn orange as they strengthen the sun, this belt demonstrates a student’s continued improvement.

Green belt

The Green belt represents that a very basic steps of karate instruction have been accomplished successfully. It is awarded to intermediate students who are refining their skills.

Blue Belt

The Blue belt signifies further improvement and is awarded to students who have started learning technical skills and additional knowledge about Karate. The Blue symbolises that the mind and body of student is continuously growing.

Purple Belt

The Purple belt is awarded to students who are progressing on to the advanced stages of leaning.  Purple represents the colour of a new dawn.

Brown Belt

The Brown belt is like the of ripening seed that is ready for harvest.  It signifies that a student’s skills are maturing and nearing a higher level of expertise.

Red Belt

The Red belt, like the hot strength of the sun, embodies how a student has gained a deeper knowledge and are well disciplined.  The Red also signifies danger, so student who gets awarded with a red belt is considered to be more dangerous with their skills and knowledge.


At last, we get to the fabled Black belt!

This is awarded to students who seek to gain deeper and complete understanding of the physical and mental teaching of Karate. Many ‘Black Belts’ are considered to be experts in Karate and able to pass on their knowledge to others.

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