accelerate your body toning results

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a type of training that works by attaching a device to your body that stimulates your muscles through tiny electrodes – don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!  Essentially what it does is accelerate your body toning results.


There have been a number of scientific studies done on the efficiency of EMS and how it effects different age groups and genders.  Of course you can google this yourself and find out all about it. click here to check out this pretty comprehensive research paper.

What Happens?

A session of EMS training takes just 20 minutes.  You will always be accompanied by a trainer who will monitor your training and results.  To see noticeable results then one session a week is more than adequate and should take place as part of your overall fitness regime.

Initially you will have an assessment with one of our fully qualified trainers.  The purpose of this is to determine a number of factors:-

  • what your goals for your EMS training are
  • the current level of your fitness
  • the current state of your health
  • any medical conditions we should be aware of

All this will enable us to design a training programme specific to you. When all this is established we will then be ready to prepare you for your first EMS session.  You will be required to remove any items of clothing with metal in and all jewellery.  We advise that you wear comfortable workout clothes.  Then we’ll attach the electrode system to you – it’s super comfortable, after a little while you won’t even know you’ve got it on! 

Right, you’re ready to go!  Your trainer will take you through a variety of exercises personally designed to maximise the success of your EMS training.  Your session will last approximately 20 minutes.

NB. Prior to booking any EMS session, you must make sure that you read and understand the Guidelines For Safe Training properly.  It is all common sense but we need to ensure that you are partaking in your training responsibly.

Who would benefit from EMS training?

Well, that is the great thing about this type of training – anyone can do it. Young, old, in-between …. super-fit or out of shape, there really isn’t an ‘EMS type’.  Full body EMS training is an excellent way to increase muscle strength and mass, whilst simultaneously reducing body fat.  So, if you’re busy with work/kids/life etc, then why not give it a go – at just 20 minutes each time, you could be saying hello to the new you quicker than you thought!

If you have any questions or would just like to find out a bit more about how EMS could help you reach your fitness goals then please just get in touch.

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