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get the most out of high intensity training

A form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. 


Meet our Instructor

georgina harriss

“I have always been a big fitness enthusiast, I would exercise whenever I could. As a child I would get involved in team sports and loved a sports day! This continued into my teenage years and has stuck with me throughout. So much so that it has become my vocation. 7 years ago I qualified as a fitness instructor and 2 years later, after my fifth (!) and final child, I qualified as a personal trainer. 

I have trained many clients and helped them achieve their own personal goals. I’ve also run boot camps and hiit sessions which have proved to be a great success. I gravitate towards the more high intensity training and have discovered that this type of exercise works very well."

High Intensity

Ciruits are repeated, hard bouts of exercise, intermingled with recovery periods.  It gives you a real challenge!  It is nothing like long endurance work outs that can be counter productive and time consuming, it’s hard and fast!

When you participate in this class your anaerobic pathways create the energy required to fuel you.  This is an immediate supply of energy, but it obviously very limited – that is why the training intervals are short as it is impossible to sustain that level of effort for long.  You have ample recovery time in between each work period – how long and how often will depend on your fitness level.  So why not challenge yourself and give Circubits a go.

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