improve strength, stamina, fitness & flexibility

Ballet is often a type of imaginary story, told by the mediums of dance and mime. It is an incredible form of expression and tells the story in a beautiful fashion to music. 


Meet our Ballet teacher

susan jervis

“After completing my final exams at the Royal Academy I went on to enjoy a professional dance career, dancing with international companies.  When I returned to the UK I took the professional dancers teachers course at the Royal Academy,  graduating with distinction.

I have run my own Dance School with 400+ pupils, entering them for exams, competitions and shows.  I also wanted to give something back to students who wanted to have a career in dance, so I taught at 2 large vocational theatre schools in London "Italia Conti" and "Arts Educational School."

Ballet for everyone

Most of us have heard of the famous Nutcracker Ballet but to the uninitiated, here is a bit of background.  Ballet is a type of performance dance that started during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia.

Lots of little girls want to do Ballet, and now boys (thanks to Billy Elliot), but did you also know that it is also fantastic exercise for improving strength, stamina, fitness and flexibility?  In fact, over the years, many sports have started including an element of Ballet into their training to help with core strength – even something as unlikely as American Football!  So at Aspire we will be offering Ballet classes for children 8 years and over as well as adult Ballet barre for mums and dads who want to be stronger, flexible, more co-ordinated and toned.

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