cannon wrestling

Cannon Wrestling

A super fun way to stay fit and active

Both small and large group sessions are available.  We're a friendly, supportive teaching envronment and allows you to learn at your own pace.

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Both small and large groups catered for.

Cannon Wrestling

James ‘Troublemaker’ Baker has been in the wrestling business for nearly a quarter of a century, having started as a 15 year-old school boy in the Spring of 1997. He has stepped into the ring with everybody from Danny-Boy Collins to Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Although only 39 years old, he has already wrestled in 4 different decades and has seen the business evolve throughout that time. Level-headedness and a safe-solid style of wrestling have aided James’ longevity, together with his easy-going nature and physical durability.

Over the decades James Baker has been a co-trainer at Wrestling Schools in Bristol, Wiltshire and Hampshire and is now very proud to offer training at his very own school in Taunton. He has a lot to give back to the wrestling business and relishes the opportunity to train new talent in the heart of Somerset.

A few highlights:-

  • A newly constructed and customised 16ft show ring built by Wrestling Rings UK - the UK’s top ring manufacturer!
  • Guest Jiu Jitsu/MMA coaches will be assisting with occasional sessions, teaching a variety of hybrid grappling techniques
  • Diverse training to help new wrestlers evolve with a fresh style of Pro-Wrestling
  • The training area has a very large matted area for wrestling drills/practicing techniques
  • A large crash mat for developing those ‘high risk’ aerial moves.

Large Group Training sessions throughout the week will begin with a short warm-up in which everyone takes part. All Cannon Wrestling Trainers appreciate that people are of different fitness levels and only ask that you try your best.

One-to-One and Small Group Sessions (2-4 People) are also available, subject to schedules.  This is a friendly training facility with a supportive atmosphere, teaching those who want to learn at their own pace. 


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