Aspire Fitness & Wellbeing is the dream child of Scott.  As an experienced Karate instructor it has been his dream to have his own dojo for many years.  Karate isn’t just about physical toughness and discipline, it’s foundations are grounded in spiritual wellness.  So, when the opportunity to take on the premises in Taunton came up, he jumped at the chance.

Since that point the goal has been, and still is, to find likeminded people to join the Aspire Family.  This isn’t some gym with frighteningly buff people at every turn to intimidate you!  No, this is a family-friendly facility in which we actively encourage all members of the family to join in with our fun activities.  In fact, we even offer family discounts. 

In addition to Karate, some of the other activities we offer are EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training, yoga, kickboxing, personal training, and bootcamp sessions.  This is expanded further with a variety of alternative therapies to choose from, and career progression courses to help guide you on your next professional step

Your wellbeing is a huge factor in your everyday life; it’s about being happy and comfortable whether at home, work or school and keeping fit in mind and body. So don’t put off putting yourself first anymore, we have something for everyone, all under one roof!

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