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At Aspire we are passionate about providing activities, all under one roof, promoting a happier lifestyle by paying attention to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it is something you want to do on your own, or with family and friends, we have something for you.


Customer reviews


"Absolutely love Aspire Fitness & Wellbeing's Baby Yoga sessions! The welcoming atmosphere, skilled instructor, and thoughtfully structured classes create a wonderful bonding experience for both parent and baby. The clean facility and sense of community make it a standout choice. My baby enjoys it, and I've noticed positive changes. Highly recommend for a nurturing and enriching experience!"
Hannah O (Taunton)

"Thrilled with the 5-week Baby Massage program at Aspire Fitness & Wellbeing! The expert instructor guides us through a comprehensive and delightful journey in each session. The gradual progression of techniques over the weeks has been incredibly beneficial for both my baby and me. The facility is comfortable, and the program fosters a supportive community. My baby has responded positively, and I've learned invaluable skills. Highly recommend this program for a nurturing and educational experience!"
Eve S

Our recent birthday bash at Aspire was truly exceptional! One standout feature that added to the experience was the dedicated room for food. The separate space not only ensured a comfortable dining atmosphere but also allowed for smooth transitions between activities and refreshments.

Aspire's attention to detail, from the vibrant venue to engaging activities, was impressive. The party hosts kept the kids entertained.

The professionalism and warmth of the Aspire team made the entire process stress-free. If you're looking for a venue that goes the extra mile, Aspire is the place.

John C (Wellington)

Great facilities, experienced coaches/sensei/trainers, excellent sessions available in a convenient place in Taunton. Wide range of activities for all.
Karen Brown

Aspire offer a huge range of different classes for all abilities, ages and interests. There's no need to travel to several different training venues, they have it all.
Sara Norman

I have been training with EMS for just over a month, twice a week 8 sessions so far and waited to write a review until I could feel/see differences in my physical strength and muscle tone. Aspire Fitness and Scott and Tatiana are professional at training on EMS and have produced some pleasing results in my body strength, there is no procrastination allowed as each session is only 20 minutes long, it is just the perfect length of time to take you the edge but not over it and 20 minutes is short enough to know anyone can do it. Scott and Tatiana ask which body parts I want to work on and the power is turned up accordingly, I always leave feeling it was a productive 20 minutes of my day. Because I am in my late 50’s I have started to lose muscle strength and tone and therefore have noticed aches and pains where none ever existed before having exercised most of my life in some form or other, EMS has started to make me stronger and aches and pains are almost all gone, my shoulder was frozen for over a year and very weak now  I would estimate it is 50% better, knee pain has gone, stomach is noticeably flatter and I am expecting legs and glutes visible improvement in another month or so ,although they already feel stronger…..not bad for a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes exercise in total! I feel Aspire offer unbelievable value for money and time with their EMS training and is something anyone can benefit from, it sure beats 2 hours in the gym for me and importantly leaves no room for argument not to do it, which is as much a mental benefit as physical.

Cindy Z Siu (Porlock) 

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Not sure which fitness activity is right for you? If you'd like to talk to us about which activities would be best for you,
please get in touch.



Not sure which fitness activity is right for you? If you'd like to talk to us about which activities would be best for you,
please get in touch>>

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